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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Less Or More

I go to a gym occasionally.

And I do mean, occasionally.

Like once or twice a week occasionally.

Which I know what you health freaks are thinking, "That is no way enough to get into any sort of shape and be healthy." You're right. It isn't.

I should really strive to go more often and watch how much I eat, as opposed to watching what I eat as a shovel it into the abyss that is my belly. Now is the perfect time to really get on the ball to get motivated since warmer weather is approaching and bathing suit season is nearing.

*Lisp* And I have got the cutest little black and purple dotted bikini picked out! It will fit in the most spectacular way and show off all of my lovely bits to attract all of the ladies. */lisp*

You cannot un-think that.

Seriously though, I was down to a sparsely 216 at one point in my life; which was through little working out, not much in the way of over indulgence in food and mucho gratuitous amounts of alcohol.

Maybe that is the path of least resistance for me at this point, less food, more working out and more alcohol.

I think I hear a beer saying some very un-kind things about my mother in the fridge, I must go teach it and some of his kin a lesson in manners.

Till next time, laters.

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