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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review Of Friday The 13th The Movie

So, here we have a movie review of Friday the 13th and you were probably thinking that this was going to be some rant on the day, not the movie.

Let’s start with the cast of characters: Jared Padalecki, who plays a brother of a girl who goes missing earlier in the movie, this character seems to be the same one he plays on Supernatural, sort of. Juliann Guill; who looks a lot like Amanda Bynes, but Juliann has bodacious tits and dies. There are others in the movie, but I’m really not interested in putting of them in here. Just know this, they all die.

If I spoiled the movie for you, tough.

Do you really think anybody survives Jason?

Now the movie has about 15 minutes of set-up which you get to meet Mr. Voorhees in this new era of horror. Jason does what he does best, scares you and kills them; sometimes he does it quite outside the normal Jason ways. I’ve never known Jason to use a bear trap before; but then again, I haven’t seen all of the previous films. By the way, I like my Canadian hotties crispy on the outside, but still tender in the middle.

The rest of the movie is filled with your regular young people partying, smoking pot, fornicating and dying. Almost every girl is topless in the movie at some point, only the last two girls to make it to the end remain clothed fully through the entire thing, which kinda suck.

For what the movie is; a re-telling of a classic horror film, it’s decent. It makes Jason a smarter killer; he uses a trap and electricity, go figure. No longer is he a lumbering, stalking behemoth that kills everything in his path, but now he's a thinking, lumbering, stalking behemoth that kills everything in his path.

I give it a 5 out of 10, fucking 10!

Hell, it’s better than The Unborn, which had no nudity and a creepy little kid. This has a lot of nudity and a creepy grown little kid.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Survive Valentines Day Twist

Ok, it is me once again here to wreak havoc upon some sappy better your life crap that is out there for you to read. This is much easier than some crap that I was going to post about how much V-Day sucks anyways. This just kinda of fell into my lap like a stripper when you have a twenty in your hand at a strip club.

Anywhoo, same rules as before, my snide remarks in red italics, everything else is all original, enjoy.

Once upon a time, Valentine’s Day conjured up fear and dread in the hearts of singles. Yeah, who wants to get a still beating heart on St. Valentines Day? No more! With a fresh perspective, a healthy dose of hindsight, and your friends, I like this already, looking at my friend’s hineys. Valentine’s Day can be just as fun for the savvy single as it is for the happily hooked up. Strippers and meth? By putting into practice the following do’s and don’ts, you’ll rock your single and ready to mingle self on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Rock your single? Are you referring to self-love?

Do: Give Thanks For The Ones That Got Away

Remember all those “have to have him Him? Wait, I’m not into hims. or I’ll die” obsessive loves from your past? Wish them well and count your blessings. Better yet, blow a kiss to the cosmos for divine intervention! They were SO not the one for you! They weren’t? And luckily, you’re now free to find someone better suited for you. Love that! Sweet.

Don’t: Feel Sorry For Yourself

For Being Single Rather than sit around and mope about your single and ready to mingle status, refocus your efforts on Valentine’s Day by practicing random acts of kindness. I prefer random acts of violence, its more fun that way. Pay a visit to the elderly and bring them cupcakes and a smile. Be careful of those that have diabetes. Shower your fellow savvy single girlfriends with affection and fanfare. It puts the lotion on or it gets the hose again! Give your pampered pooches lots of Valentine’s Day smooches. Ewwww, doggy breathe. With a little perspective, you’ll have a whole lot more fun! I’m starting to have a good time right now…with your MOM!!!

Do: Spend The Day With Your Friends Most of my friends are in a relationship, don’t think they will like a third wheel, unless they need someone to hold the camera.

Instead of sitting on your couch crying into your Cosmo I read Playboy on Valentine’s Day, invite your gal pals over for a singles soiree of board games and cocktails, Co-ed naked twister with pineapple upside down cake shots, sounds like a plan a decadent dinner party, a movie marathon, scary movies always brings people together or a pampering evening of mani-pedis. Is this an ad for Mary Kay? Long live the single girl! I’ll be damned I think it is.

Don’t: Drunk Dial Your Ex(es)

It’s okay to get a little lonely on Valentine’s Day. But that’s no excuse to drink like a fashionable fish and drunk dial your ex(es). In fact, if you feel the urge to email, instant message, or text on the big day, stop, turn off the technology, and reboot your brain. No good can come from a weak moment down memory lane. Just say no to reconnecting with former flames! That means you. You know who you are. Instead of calling that SOB that hurt you, call me. I’ll be your teddy bear.

Ok, that was my sappy moment.

Do: Celebrate Your Single Status

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the many ways being single rocks, It does? but guess what? What. On Valentine’s Day, it’s essential to celebrate the fact that you can spend your hard-earned money with wild abandon, Hookers and coke? primp and preen like the glamour girl Girl? Wait just one minute. you are without having to share the mirror, and sleep as late as you want on weekends. I do that whenever I’m off on the weekends, which isn’t too many. Not to mention you enjoy the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and flirt frivolously without having to answer to anyone. Except for their boyfriend or husband that you didn’t notice before.

Don’t: Be Ashamed Of Your Single Status

If and when you run across a frienemy Frienemy? You’re making words up, you can’t do that. or some other hazardous human Manson, clowns, someone with bird flu or gonasyphiherpeAIDS. who tries to make you feel inferior for being single on February 14th, Bastards. summon your inner strength The Incredible Hulk and remind them as well as yourself that you don’t need anyone on your arm to feel super sassy. I don’t want your sass-back woman, I got a pack of ham right here for you. Being single is a state of mind and yours is oh-so-fabulous! That is worth two snaps and an around the world!

Do: Splurge On Yourself Use a napkin.

Go ahead – on Valentines Day buy yourself something special. Like short bus special? Treat yourself to a girl-tastic gift Excuse me, I’m a guy. How many times do I have to tell you this? (a little bling, Oh my God, there is this pair of earrings at Tiffany’s that are to die for. a heavenly massage, With a happy ending? or those killer heels you’ve been coveting perhaps? Do they have a blade in the toe?). Splurge without guilt because you deserve a little extra TLC on the big day! The Learning Channel? What's so special about The Learning Channel?

Don’t: Even Think Of Going On A First Or Blind Date Why?

Even if you meet someone kind of cool Like Tom Cruise? right before Valentine’s Day, don’t set your first date for the big day. Talk about pressure and mismanaged expectations! It’s a date, not a freaking engagement party or wedding. Plus, being surrounded by couples kissing and cuddling is sure to make a first date awkward and uncomfortable. I’ll dry heave. Instead, schedule that first date for the following week. Sorry got a wedding to go to, that would be in poor taste. In doing so, you’re off to a much more fun and freeing start with someone new!
As a savvy single, Valentine’s Day is nothing to stress about. By following the do’s and don’ts above, you’re sure to celebrate your single and fabulous self on February 14th and every day that follows. Happy Valentine’s Day! Definitely promoting self-gratification.

Well that is the end. I hope you enjoyed our time together and I hoped you had a laugh or two with this lazy dribble that I post.

Any comments, bitches, raves or ideas for something in the future, leave me a message.