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Monday, January 30, 2012


We always seem to think we don't have enough time to do the things we want or need to do.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to do all of this stuff that need has to be done.


Have you really thought about all the wasted time that is used up without thought?  All the time we spend on Facebook, texting, being bored and avoiding other things, could be better off spent doing things we would like to do.

I know for me, Facebook is a large time waster, as is Cracked.com.   Which tends to cut into the time I could be updating this thing, as opposed leaving it sitting in the cold dark confines of the internet being visited by Brazilians with their amazing asses.  The problem I tend to have, besides general laziness in banging something out to post, is the fact that I have trouble finding something to write about.  When that spark of an idea comes to me, I tend to be still lazy and unwilling to go get something to write the idea down with or even jot the idea down into my phone so I can expand on the thought or idea when I might be more so inclined.

Oh, these are usually great ideas that I have, that I flesh out completely inside my head but my laziness, keeps me from utilizing the means to keep me from forgetting them for future reference.

Take this update for example, it only came to be as I was sitting at my computer bored, trying to decide what it was I wanted to do at that time.  Read a magazine, Playboy, mess with Tarot cards, stalk on Facebook or read more articles on Cracked.com.  Tarot was about to win out, but in my head, I said, "I don't have enough time to do that right now."  Enough time, was the key that got the ball rolling on this right there and then.

Which to add, I managed to finish even with a text message waiting to be read.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've watched both Hangover movies, found the first one to be alright and the second one to be ok.  Neither of which weren't nearly as funny as everyone I talked to claimed they were.  After having watched both movies, I have noticed a couple of things about the characters that are portrayed in the films.


He's the pretty boy of the group, a teacher, probably was a jock and or a frat boy in college and is married; unlike the others at the beginning of the first movie.  He is the calm re-assuring voice that talks to the bride-to-be (H1) or Doug (H2) while the boys are out having fun or should I say, frantically searching for a missing person.  

Since he is a teacher, these weddings are the only times he gets to get away and cut loose without fear that some nosy parent of a student might see him to tell to the school board on his wild drunken behavior while watching Phil bang strippers at 2 a.m. at some seedy motel on the bad side of town.

Phil is the guy that likes to live vicariously through his friends; mostly since he is married and is a teacher, which he probably tends to talk the others into doing things that he only wishes he could do while vigorously whacking his weasel. 


This poor bastard seems to miss all the fun.  Oh, he got to experience the first bachelor party seeing as he was the groom but missed the fun in searching for himself the next day.  The next bachelor party, he left early to go to bed and thusly missing the fun in Bangkok.  

He just looks like he is always stressed.  As if he always wonders if the other guys will make it back alive.  He probably does this on a day to day basis when there is no weddings going on at all, just wonders if Phil will be involved in a drug bust at the school or if Stu accidentally kills some stripper in a back alley and needs help in hiding the body.  


Stu is just a bundle of anxiety and fetishes.  Not only is he paranoid that at anytime will he be ruffied but deep down inside, he longs for it and awaits its warm, moist trip.  If it wasn't for him being ruffied on the first bachelor party, he would not have realized how much he hates his then current girlfriend and that he secretly likes strippers and on his party, transsexuals.

You would think that after the first bachelor party, that he would not take anything from Alan out of fear that it may be drugged in some manner but since he secretly wants to be let free to have an excuse to pursue his stripper habit without remorse, he willing partakes in the marshmallows.

He is also an Attention Seeker as evident by removing his own tooth at the first bachelor party and then getting a face tattoo during his bachelor party.  Marrying a stripper during the first and having sex with a transsexual stripper at his party.


Alan is a man-child, still living at home with his well to do parents living in the lap of luxury.  He is also a sociopath with no regard to anyone but himself.  He ruffies everyone at the beginning of the first bachelor party and once more on the second.  He has no conscience to speak of as he constantly puts the others in harms way with his actions.

The only reason he was allowed to come to Stu's wedding in Thailand (H2), is because the others feared that Alan would probably kill them if he wasn't allowed to come.  Which was the lesser of two evils, certain death by Alan applied death because he couldn't come to Thailand or the possibility of being killed after having been drugged by Alan during the bachelor party in Thailand.

Choices, choices...

Mr. Chow

Mr. Chow tried to kill the above trio, minus Doug, during the first bachelor party when Alan (surprise!) accidentally grabbed the wrong purse...er...shoulder bag full of Mr. Chow's winnings.  Of course Mr. Chow shows up at the second party since Alan (surprise again!) has been keeping in touch since Mr. Chow tried to kill them the last time.

It also helps that Mr. Chow is a known drug dealer and has probably been supplying Alan with drugs since after the first party.   Mr. Chow being a criminal wanted by FBI, DEA, Interpol and how many other acronyms, was probably planning on upping his game in Thailand by working with Alan and harvesting the body parts from the others to only be thwarted by a bust by Interpol.