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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thin Mints

I just finished eating an entire sleeve of thin mints. Of the Girl Scout variety. That is about 28 cookies. At 160 calories to a serving of 4, that equals to being 1120 calories consumed just from that ONE sleeve.

I should no longer wonder why I am such a fat ass.

I blame the cookies.

The reason I ate so many, was not for some experiment nor for any sort of hunger, but for the sole reason of needing a comfort food to ease me today. Some reason I have been feeling a bit down this week and I know not why.

Really I do, but I am not about to put every aspect of my life out there to the public to criticize or lament over.

So. There.

Deal with it.

Yes, I am feeling a bit snarky this afternoon after having eaten all of those thin mints.

Could just be a sugar high though.

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