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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Herbalife Update

Just a little update about my Herbalife progress so far.

As of today, I have held steady with my weight at 217 lbs and have lost another .4% body fat to bring me down to 30%; I started at 34.6% when I started Herbalife on the 13th of Feb., 2012.  Here it is only 45 days into using Herbalife.  I still have a ways to go to be within a healthy body fat percentage; 20% for my age range, but I believe that with the proper nutrition and exercise, I can do it.

Tomorrow I start on the Ultimate Program from Herbalife, to help with better results.  The little bit of the Advanced that I had left, I donated to my girlfriend to try out.  She wants to be healthy and would like to lose weight but finds it difficult while having severe asthma.  Whenever she has a severe attack or gets a respiratory infection, the Doctors like to prescribe to her steriods that  keep her hungry, which is not good if you are trying to lose weight.  There are other things at play as well but I wish not to incur a woman's wrath by posting on the internet for all to read.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


A single boat approaches the lone uninhabited island that for hundreds of thousands of years sat in the vast waters of the empty sea, visited often by passing ships that looked to replenish their stores of food and water before moving on with their journeys.  On this boat, two couples traveling on a much needed respite from the hectic hustle and bustle of their daily lives back on the mainland.  None of them experienced in seafaring, but thought it would be fun to try it as a new experience to spice things up.

As they drop anchor in the small protected alcove of the island, they decide to venture onto the island itself to feel the sand beneath their feet and swim in the warm tropical waters for a bit of relaxation before heading on.  Once swimming ashore, the couples drop onto the sand tired but rejuvenated from the exercise.  After a brief respite, the men decide to do some exploring into the jungle of the island; the women being much satisfied to continue laying out on the sand soaking up the warm sun.

In the shade of the jungle as the men wander about exploring, they fancy themselves as long ago pirates that have come upon the island to hide their trove of treasure for safe keeping.  Each of the men wondering to himself if pirates may have ever landed on the island to squirrel away their loot for safe keeping and if they did, could it be possible that it would still be there?  Aimlessly walking along through the ferns and palms, they look for any signs that could be from any such prior expeditions on the island; carvings on the trees, rocks stacked in unnaturally occurring positions that foretell of where the treasure might lay.

The women lay on the sand listening to the soothing sound of the waves gently washing upon the shore the rhythmic, steady sound enticing a deep sleep and with the help of the sun warming the sand and air around them, they quickly succumb to the Siren's call.  After sleeping for several hours, the women awake to the sky displaying the oranges and crimson of the sun making its' daily return back to the sea to let the moon have her fun for the evening.  The women wonder why the men did not stir them from their rest once they returned from their foray into the island, they dismiss the thought as the men being respectful and just returned to the boat to begin the evenings meal.  Once back on the boat, the women notice that they were in fact mistaken on their initial thinking that the men had returned to begin dinner.  As the sun plunges beneath the waves and the darkness of the night takes over, the women begin to fear something may have happened to the men.  They begin calling out for their men from the boat towards the island, listening intently for a call back that the men are okay or for a sign of distress.  None was ever returned; only the lapping of the water against the boat's hull and the gentle breeze of the ocean through the island's palm trees were the only sound they heard.  After calling for several hours, the women decided to try to get some rest and take the zodiac inflatable to the island in the morning to search for the men.

Morning came and the women prepared the zodiac with some supplies of water, first aid, food and basic survival items, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best was the frame of mind they were going for while they prepared.  Beaching the zodiac, they secured it by tying the line to a palm nearby; there was no need to have to swim after it in case it was needed to transport the men back to the boat in an emergency.

Once into the canopy of the jungle, they started looking for signs of where the men traveled; footprints, branches broken, anything that may give a clue as to where they went the previous day.  Following a set of tracks, the women pushed deeper and deeper into the island.  Only the faint wisps of sunlight managed to break through the canopy to light the floor below.  The heat and humidity was stifling to almost the point of unbearable but they pushed on ignoring it as the only concern was finding their lovers that they were hoping were just lost on the island.

After following the trail for what seemed of an eternity, they happened upon the end of the trail, a point of the island that overlooked the alcove they had sailed into the day before.  This was where the clues of where the men had gone, stopped.  No other clues of back tracking they way they had come were visible, nor were there any signs that they had continued along the opening along side the edge.  They stood there contemplating what could have happened and took in the view of the island, the alcove, the boat and the ocean surrounding it all and something caught one of the women's eye down below.  As they both peered over the edge, they felt a shove at their backs, pushing them off the shear drop to the island floor.  Tumbling through the air they looked back to the top trying to see their assailant or assailants, terrified that it was one of or both of their men that could have done this.

Crashing through the canopy of the jungle, the women land in a twisted heap.  Their bodies broken against the rocks scattered about the floor to rot in the humidity for several days as the scavengers of the island begin to feast on the rot and decay of the four bodies that have been served before them.