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Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Such a wonderful little act that makes the most hateful people look like angels. An act that your body desires. You can succumb to it during the most mundane of tasks or busiest of scenes. In time, visions pass before your eyes as you drift further down the rabbit hole to take you to a wonderland of unconscious imagination to which you may wish to never return.

I started writing that shortly after dinner; on a lazy Sunday pre-evening, of cheese filled ravioli. A dinner that is most likely a hindrance to myself in trying to lose some weight as I am now stuffed and sleepy, but shortly I should leave to go workout to perhaps curb this over indulgence from affecting me too much.

Originally I started running through my head a fictional letter of a fan, but I digressed.

Perhaps some other time.

After my meal and going to my room to flip through some blogs, I did doze off. My mind started to wander off to some fanciful place that I would hope to never return, but I did just for you.


Little side note, I didn't make it to the gym for I ended up writing the letter after all. I shall post it some time in the future, most likely the next time I post something.

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