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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

All Was Lost

For the first time in almost forever I have been able to get on this infernal machine to browse the world wide web.  In other words, the truck is in for a long overdue PM.

I made a declaration at the beginning of the year that I would post daily, as you can tell that was a false promise.  Between driving (and usually being getting shutdown late), spending time with my lovely girlfriend, there just wasn't that much time to go about posting here everyday.  It also doesn't help that coming up with content that was meaningful every day was akin to opening the door to a darkened room and trying to find the faintest of light to spark that tiny wordsmith.

Anywhoo, enough excuses.

So most of my postings lately have been through the blogger app on my phone, easy peezy.  Just trying to get that little keyboard to work quick enough with my thoughts is taxing at times.

Oh, yeah, excuses.

So I fired up this computer, went into blogger and nothing.  This blog was not listed.  AllIwantisfreedom.com sent me to GoDaddy.com.  This was not good.  Blogger help was not of any help.

Terror was creeping in, along with a feeling of complete helplessness.

I found the answer.  I was using the wrong login email.

I feel like a tool.