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Sunday, April 22, 2012


The other night whilst laying in bed with my girlfriend, the discussion of my upcoming birthday came up and what it would be that I would like for said event as a gift.  Now my normal answer to any such question that puts me on the spot to make a fly decision is to answer, "I don't know."  Which for me is the only answer there is for any sudden questions such as that as I have not carefully weighed all of the options to form a truthful non-regrettable answer.

After some prodding as to why I "don't know", I came up with needing a solution to store my magazines.  Her first thought upon hearing the word 'magazine' was to pertain to that of what goes into a firearm holding the bullets for said firearm to shoot.

Which was wrong.

I meant for some sort of device or devices to hold the several years worth of Playboy magazine that while being a subscriber has thusly accumulated...en masse.  I would conservatively put that at 6, six, seis, years worth of tits and ass...of course, not just T&A, but as well as interviews, reviews, social commentary, political commentary, so forth and so on.

I enjoy the magazine thoroughly...and not in the Jergens and Kleenex sort of way either.

It seemed to me that my answer to the question and talk of the magazine brought about the idea that I may have some sort of problem with letting go or throwing things out.   Which is not the case by no means.  I can throw things away...just not going to be throwing any Playboys away.  I may not be going back to past issues to re-read them per se, but they are something of an art that should be kept around.

Speaking of art, I do remember seeing a hang-able, clear, plexiglass box that could fit a years worth of magazine in one of the magazines.

Baby, I need about 7 of those.  Please and thanks.  Your the best.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


If you look on the internet these days looking for advice on writing, you'll find a bevy of sites and authors and writers telling you the correct way to write.  You'll get advice from what type of  paper to use; to which is better, the pen or the pencil and then which sub-types of those is better; which program on the computer is better; which blog site is better; what is the proper way to write a story or whatever.  The point is, the amount of advice out there is as abundant and varied as there are faces and asses out on the street.

There is no right or wrong way to write.  You just need to write what you feel needs to be said at that particular moment in your time; not at that time or what you think, but what you feel and in your time.  If you feel you need to write expose ratting out the wrongs done by the school bullies to the small youth in your younger days or if you feel that the time is right for the world to read about your passion for micro-photography or the fictional story of a dying planet risking everything for the hope of a tomorrow, then write it.  

Don't worry about having the correct space, the correct chair, the correct ambient light or background noise; if it is meant to be written by you at that time, it will flow forth from your mind, to your hands, through your implement, to your medium.  You will edit, think about and ponder your next steps, scene and characters through several re-reads till you feel it is perfect.

Be proud.  You have created something, breathed life into something that was not there before.  It is something that will be overlooked, ignored, loved, hated, praised but always be yours and only yours.  No one will be able to take that fact away that you created it.