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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thinking Space

I have a hard time coming up with ideas on the fly to fill up this space. I have ideas all the time, just seldom do those ideas and the computer or piece of paper coincide so as they can be captured. Who knows how many ideas, good or bad, I have lost that may have a good solid footing in my head, only to be lost to time or to something shiny on the ground.

Not anymore.

I have now in my possession a neat little app for my Droid called Thinking Space. What this app allows you to do is make a brain storming list on your phone that can end up looking like a flow chart. I had downloaded it a week or so ago, but only had been able to play with it just the other day. Almost immediately I started a list for writing ideas for this site, divided into two groups; 'fiction' and 'blogging'. (There may end up being more, but those two seemed the most logical at the time.)

At the moment there is two ideas for 'fiction' and three for 'blogging'. I'm not going to tell you what they are, since they may or may not end up making it to this prodigious spot. Though, I will tell you that this piece is not on the list, it actually came to fruition all on its own while I just happen to be at the computer.

Thinking Space

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The other night I go out with a few friends to a local club for the club's 26th birthday party. It was free cover with a invitation and free drinks till 10 pm. Unfortunately we did not make it before 10 pm, so no free drinks were consumed. We stayed there for a bit but left since partying with thousands was kinda lame that night as the place was filled with more sausage than an Oscar Meyer hot dog factory.

But the night did not end there. No sirree Bob.

We decided to go to one of the counties more upscale adult establishments.

That's right...a strip club.

There were some people there that night that my friend knew and were cool people. Cool, as in the one guy bought everyone drinks for the night and even breakfast afterward, but I am getting ahead of myself there.

Now, I have been to a strip club on occasion once or twice. Sometimes spending money I should not have and times spending no money at all. When I do buy; especially in the form of entertainment, I do not try and dicker the price down or get freebies from the ladies like a buddy of mine does, just doesn't seem right. I'm not buying a used car, just a dance.

So the money-man, decides to buy me a lap dance and for me to pick out a girl. I am a really picky person in this department, since you will be looking at the girl for a little bit of time and you do want one that can at least move. The group starts picking out girls, which puts me on the spot and forcing a decision that I am always incapable or ill-equipped to dealing with, so after a few being pointed out and nodded off, a striking specimen walks by, pointed out and I accept. Mostly I accept for the reason to end this quickly, the whole center of attention thing that I don't like and all, but she did catch my attention as she was olive skinned.

Now let me tell you this, I like certain features of a woman to be a certain way. I like redheads, olive skinned or pacific islander or latinas, pale blue eyes and for them to be proportionate in body, meaning a certain hip to breast ratio.

I did mention I'm picky, right?

For the few seconds I was able to check this girl, it was the skin color that caught me and forced my decision. She had another dance lined up so I had to wait for a little bit, which means I get some other dudes sloppy seconds of a sort. While waiting, I started thinking that she looked familiar.

Well, once we got to the back, we started talking. Standard stripper-client small talk before the next song. "From here? Go to school here? Age?" Were all asked and we both are about the same age; me 32, her 32 in Oct.; both went to the same high school and were both in band at the same time for two years.

Yep, I got a lap dance from a former classmate. Is that a faux pas?

Anyways, she is not your standard local stripper, with a bunch of tats, drug addiction; that I'm aware of or babies to feed nor working through college. Since she is a model, has some houses almost paid for and has several degrees from an Italian college that she paid cash to go to.

All for being a high school drop out.

While I have a Jeep that isn't working, a job that barely pays the bills in the winter and a bike.

Perhaps I should start stripping, seems to pay well.

Friday, September 17, 2010


My second home from home has been demolished this week. This was the home of my neighbors growing up, the place where I spent many an afternoon playing with their grand-daughter and grand-son. From playing hide and go seek, to old school Atari or watching afternoon cartoons after school, it was just always there.

I fell out of touch with them during high school as mom and myself moved out of the neighborhood and the grand-children moved back to their mother's to live after the grand-daughter had some trouble.

The grandmother sold the place about 10 years ago after her husband died and she moved off to Tenn. to live with one of her other daughters. The house fell under a rental company, had some renters through the past few years, but guess the place became too old to keep up with. It was an old trailer, about a triple wide in today's standards but as I was told years ago by the grandmother, that it was 'unfolded' when it was moved in. Not sure what that meant, but it did have a long silver line through the floor that I noticed when helping them put in new carpet.

Now it is just buried or slowly being burned off it seems.

It does make you realize how things aren't gonna be there forever, how that no matter how long it has been there, there will be a time when it will no longer be.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Momentum Lost

I have lost my momentum with this blog.

I vowed to update this thing at least once a week this year, some weeks I posted multiple times and others were just there. I have posted my unique views and commentary on current events, posted recollections of my own life experiences and lately, have posted fiction. Some of those posts have been well thought pieces that I felt were excellent writing; others, were thrown together half-assed to satiate my resolution to get something out once a week.

I know not whether this blog is read by those that visit it or just looked upon for a moment to only be passed by towards what was really being sought after. The only thing I know, is that I write this not necessarily for my fans or followers; though I appreciate each and every one of you, but I write this more for myself.

I created a quote that is on my personal facebook page that I truly believe.

"Creativity should be shared with the world, it should not be hidden from it; to keep something that has been created by one's own mind to one's own self, should be considered a sin against the world." -mindes

That quote helps me to remember that even though my writings my not be for everyone, that I have created it and thusly, it should be shared. To do so could be the one thing that empowers someone to take a stand, to share, to write, to believe that they themselves should not be afraid of their own unique.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weight Watchers

I'm a little fired up so be warned there may be language herein.

Read this first.Weight Watchers Bias.

Lynae Remondino looses a bunch of weight, sees and ad for a Weight Watchers trainer, applies but when asked about her BMI (body mass index), it is too high for her to be eligible to work for Weight Watchers.

The woman went from a size 24 to a size 12, lost 118 lbs., partly by using the Weight Watchers system. Applied for a training position within the company, that would not be a public position, but because she does not meet a certain 'mold', is out of the running.

Does Weight Watchers not realize that the BMI is bunk?

BMI was created by Adolphe Quetelet; a Belgian astronomer, mathematician, statistician and sociologist, to come up with the ideal weight for a person's height. This is achieved by taking the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters.

This of course does not measure one's health nor does it measure one's fat level. Just a ratio of your height to your weight. You can be 5'8" 225 lbs with a 10% body fat and be considered obese by this system. If you measure your body fat percentage though, you will be in the range of athlete.

Now, I'm not saying that Lynae Remondino has a high fat percentage but she may fall within the acceptable range or fitness range, but be obese within the BMI scale. Personally, I would rather be judged by my percentage of fat, rather than some scale created by a mathematician in the 1800s.

Overall, if you are unhappy with yourself, make a change; if you are happy, why bother?