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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Once more into the breach with another update of eye popping freshness for you to gasm over.

Yes, I said gasm.


I am a slight fan of the tv show Ghost Hunters on the ScyFy channel. Now if you are unfamiliar with the show, it is a group of people that go around the country and at times other countries to hunt ghosts. Now that doesn’t mean they go all Ghostbusters trying to catch the ghosts, cause we all know how that went with New York getting marshmallow fluffed. What they do is use equipment to prove or disprove that a place or area may or may not be haunted by using infrared cameras, thermal cameras, audio recording and EMF devices in their investigations. They are respectful of the area and of the spirits that might be there, because no one wants to piss off a poltergeist.

Now for the other guys…

There is a new show on the Discovery channel that is basically on the same vein of Ghost Hunters, it is called Ghost Lab and they do the same thing as the Ghost Hunters but with obviously a bit more money at their disposable. The GL goobs; as you can tell I am not a big fan with them, use the same techniques and equipment that GH uses, but GL tactics are a bit on the disrespectful side. GL taunts the ghosts, yell at them to try to invoke the spirits to making an appearance.

Not cool.

GH talk to the spirits, politely asking them to make their presence known to them. Whereas, the GL does not as stated earlier.

The GHs seem like the average Joe that has a regular daytime job and does this at night on their spare time.

The GLs seem more like actors that were cast for the show and given the equipment and some episodes of Ghost Hunters to watch to learn from. Personally, I think they need to go back to the gym and tanning booth while they wait for their agent to call with an opening for Jersey Shore.

Till the fates bring us together once more, I bid you adieu.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


No real snazzy opener this week, not in the mood so let’s just cut to the chase.

Here it is the day before Christmas or for the layman, Christmas Eve and I am not filled with the Christmas spirit this year at all. I have been slightly depressed since this will be the first Christmas that both of my grandparents on my mother’s side will not be here with us to celebrate with the extended, fractured, fighting, unique and most pain in the ass family that I think there is.

The sad fact is I really would rather be somewhere else instead of home. Just don’t want to deal with the sadness nor would I like to deal with the potential fighting that is likely to occur between my aunts and uncles. Tomorrow will most likely be a real slobber knocker of a day with about eight kids; all of them spoiled brats mind you and my two aunts, three uncles, my mom and myself.


I should be grateful that I have family to spend this Christmas with instead of complaining about what may come of tomorrow. Some people don’t have someone they can spend time with this Christmas and may need someone there for them, we all know someone that just needs that phone call, that email or that simple little thing to let them know that you are thinking of them this holiday season.

Connect back with that someone that you are missing and say ‘hello’ once more you just might make their day.

Till global warming reveals Santa’s workshop at the North pole.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Another week, with more drivel for you to become nauseated by after reading.

Kind of been struggling this week to come up with something to post this week, had a couple of ideas earlier but failed to write them down, even tried to go the lazy route by looking through somethings that I've jotted down before but either those were already posted or didn't fit the bill for what I am feeling this week. No worries though, I have some life drama to throw out to you to roll your eyes at, sigh a heavy breath of disappointment, because you just don't care and trust me, neither really do I.

So here we go.

Recently I have had the honor of being deleted as a friend on MySpace and Facebook. Now usually this would not really garner a second look or thought from me; especially if it was from someone on MySpace since I do have some people on there that I have never met, nor probably never will. This was someone that I thought was a friend, someone that we hung out together for quite a bit of time, someone that I considered a friend, even still do. Obviously this deletion was a shock and a bit of a heartbreak considering neither of us have had contact in about a month and if we did exchange words or talk, it wasn't of a negative nature. Now this came without notice or fair warning and after the deed was done, no word as to why or a reason given.

Now on to the crux of this diatribe.

Seems some people have disposable friends. Friends that are true to them, but once they become tired of you, you are tossed to the side like a toy by a spoiled brat that has lost interest. This doesn't have to be from the result of a difference of views, an argument or one having killed the others father, but mostly from the simple fact they got what they wanted and have no further use of you.

I disagree with this line of thinking.

If I am your friend, then I am YOUR FRIEND. Meaning that I am not going to toss you to the side after my use for you is done; since really I have no agenda for befriending you to begin with. I will stay with you through what ever trials and tribulations that you may end up going through during our friendship. This what being a friend is all about, being there for each other and helping the other in their time of need; not to just use someone under the moniker of 'friend' for your personal needs.

I have many friends, some that I am close to and some that are more acquaintances; which just means that we don't keep in touch all that often or hang out as often as some of my other friends. Any of these friends can call me up for some sort of help and I will do what I can to help them out.

That is what friends are.

Til our next endeavor into this wacky mind.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Do what you say you are going to do.

That is the topic for today or week on this little brain fart of a blog.

What it means is just what it says, do what you say you are going to do. This doesn't cover promises that never are kept or one off mumblings that are never heard of once they go to the breeze, but entails those little declarations of trying to change or do something for the better than the standard norm. Meaning if I say on many occasion I want to get my Jeep fixed and back on the road; which is truth, then instead of constantly mentioning it to people that probably only care to the point of hearing it once, I should in fact make steps to that fact.

If you constantly harp on that you are getting fat and you tell everyone that you know even people that you don't; the fact that you have a problem with it should be more than enough for you to enact the change necessary to lose the weight. Failure to do so just makes you look like the little boy that cried fat. Even if others do not see a problem with your weight gain but you do, make the changes. Join a gym, walk more, diet or whatever it takes, as long as it is healthy for you.

I always hear people wanting to make changes or say that they are going to do something or want to do something; be like Nike and just do it. Stop talking about it, no one really cares and all we do is give you a sympathetic ear towards your plight, but truthfully, after awhile we don't care and stop listening to what you have to say because you do not have the will yourself to do what you need.

All you end up sounding like is the little boy that cried wolf; nobody listens to your cries anymore.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Another year is almost to the end and this lazy, brain-fart of a blog is almost a year old. With only 20 posts under its waif waist; albeit it should be more like 52 or more, but I'm fat and lazy...so sue me, I've decided to make a resolution.

I'm not going to call it a New Year's resolution as it is not quite the New Year and most resolutions that are started about that time are sure to fail, I want this one to strive on.

I resolve to start updating this drivel at least once a week.

That's right, once a week. You can come here to read the spewage that comes from my ever naughty and malevolent mind once a week.

I know, already you have a bad taste in your mouth and are quickly looking for the bookmark so as you can delete this to never look again.

But you won't, you love me too much.

That is really the skinny for this entire post, to just announce my bad intentions on updating more regularly than I have been. Not sure what I will really be posting in such time since most of my posts are either filled with some bullshit drama in my life; so totally interesting I know, or some sort of truth that I have recently stumbled upon or just a string of incoherence mingled with bad grammar, spelling and run on sentences that would drive my high school English honors teacher, Mrs. Harrell, into fits.

Maybe I should befriend her on Facebook and point her in this direction or perhaps not.

Though, I will implore you my fan(s) to help me on this task and to give me feedback or ideas in the times that I am running late or am needing to sober up enough to remember how to use a computer. Okay?

Till sometime next week I guess.