Friday, March 8, 2024

tu es amor

I'm riding a bicycle behind some buildings on the edge of a town.

I turn onto a crumbly asphalt driveway towards them.

I end up on a tree line street with full oak trees, leaves on the road and sidewalk.

I street the bike into a hole and fall down. I quickly get up and grab the bike heading to the street.

Someone yells, "TU ES AMOR PARADE!"

People come out of the buildings to crowd the street to wait for the parade to come.

I cannot move from the press of people, I'm stuck.

I can see the parade coming down the street. Large floats decorated in reds, whites and pinks.

Before me is standing Morena Baccarin. Smiling a large smile. She is carrying large heart shaped cookies with pink, red or white icing. She is breaking them apart and handing them out. I can see a price tag on the back of some pieces, I don't know why this stands out to me but it just does.

Morena looks at me and offers a piece of cookie. I open my mouth and accept it.