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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm tired of it.  The stress, the anxiety and the whole lot of getting up in the morning, I'm done.

I want to do something different.  Myself and a friend have kinda talked about opening a bar.  Could work right?

Maybe I just need a Sugar Momma.  Or win the lottery.

Wanted: Sugar Momma.  Willing to give money to me for free.  Clean up nicely for public outings.  Not some buff CK model but normal looking guy.  All interested parties email me.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm not sick, I'm perfectly healthy (as far as I know, that is).

Why is it that as soon as people get a sniffle or a little stuffy or congested, they run straight to the Dr.'s office for a shot or a prescription?  I understand going if you have been sick and it isn't going away, but not at the first sign of getting sick.  It could be a simple change in the weather or allergies, nothing that a little time wouldn't take care of.

Yet, people go over the simplest of things.  The Dr. gives the shot/prescription with the instructions, "If it doesn't clear up or you start to feeling better in a few days, come back."

Why not just let the sickness run it's course?  If it is just allergies or the simple cold, it will clear up in a few days on it's own, no need to go to the Dr.

I have friends that have kids.  Ok, babies to be more precise.  I see them posting on Facebook that little Ishmail has a runny nose, taking him to the Dr.  Why?  I understand that infants/babies/children are fragile things, but you aren't letting their bodies build up any resistance to the germs by getting them medicine all the time.  You are only helping with the germs become more resilient to the medicine that is being used to fight it in the first place.  Which means that little Ish's kids will have some super-bug that the medicine that worked when Ishy was a baby, won't work now.

Thanks people for helping destroy the world.