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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pizza Delivery During A Pandemic

Domino's and Papa John's have started contactless delivery during this time of covid. Which is great, I don't have to worry about someone getting cozy next to me while giving up the pizza like we are trying to buy drugs.

That is if my wife and I still ordered pizza because we don't because we are broke.

Like a Dad joke.


The aforementioned institutes of pizza delivery, those Titans of pie are running ads stating how they are handling your za during this uncertain time. 

Domino's says no one will open the box after the contents have been placed inside and the lid is closed.

Papa John's says they have a sticker sealing theirs.

I don't know about other pizza places but before this time I should've felt confident that after those lids were closed at the store that they were not opened until they were opened again by those that have purchased them. It is an unwritten agreement so to say. Now with this proclamations and addition of a seal; for Papa John's, I'm lead to believe that there was a possibility that someone may have been snookering stray toppings before dropping off the goods?

Sounds about right to me.

These practices should've been started years ago not just because of a pandemic. Now they make it sound like this is being done for your piece of mind. I didn't ask for this but now it opens up, nigh, verifies that before there was a chance that I'm short a slice of pepperoni or chicken wing because Donnie has the munchies.

Fucking Donnie.