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Monday, February 24, 2014


Driving down a dark road in Alabama on the way home, my girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat beside me.  "Don't you think you should slow down?", she asks.
"No. I got this." I reply.
More curves.
Entering a curve, hitting a slick spot. The car slides.  The rear kicks to the right. The tire runs off the road.  The whole car slides sideways half on the roadway, half off along the apex of the corner.  At the exit of the corner, the car slides off the roadway, at this point, there is no saving it.  The car begins to tumble down the embankment.  I remember three rolls before nothing more.


I remember being in a daze.

I am standing in the living room of a house.  The car sits there, banged up and stripped, on the dirt floor in the living room of the house that I am standing in.

A State Trooper questions me about the accident.  Asking if I had been drinking? No.  Had I been speeding?  No; I lied.  Alright, that's all he had and he was gone.

Someone asked me if I was ready. "Yeah." Then I went to my Granny's red F150 and we left.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Open Letter To Michael Bay

Dear Michael Bay,

 A local radio station today mentioned a spot for Transformers 4 that aired during the Super Bowl this past Sunday and after a quick Google search, I was able to find it and watch it.  I am thrilled that there was no Shia LeBeouf to be seen, in his place there was Matt Wahlberg.

Thank you.

Now onto the teaser.

I want more.  Optimus Prime riding a dinobot.

I am sold.

I do not know the premise of the movie but am hoping the dinobots are those from the original series and that which Prime rides is the one Grimlock.

I am hoping you don't mess this up.  You have a chance to fix the first three and erase them from my memory with this one.

Also, while I have your attention, I hear you are doing a reboot of TMNT.  I like the look of the leaner meaner turtles but Transformers looked good too in the first one.

Please learn from your past and keep Shia away, I know Meagan Fox is April O'Neal but I'm willing to look past this if you keep true to the canon of TMNT.


A fan of both franchises that grew up with them both.