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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Technology is great.

Normally I abhor it, but today I will make an exception upon it.

Technology can help you meet someone hundreds of thousands miles away, fall in love with them and you wish to marry them.

Couldn't do that in the old days. In those days, you had to actually meet someone through friends, church, social gatherings or whatever it was that people did to meet each other and make a connection. Whatever connection would be made would probably be kept for awhile since there weren't many to choose from and you most likely met them in the type of venue you prefer to frequent so they would be most likely your "type".

Now we have all of that, plus all of the social networking sites and dating sites that exist these days to help in our search for the "one". Where else can you potentially meet thousands of people through just a few clicks of the mouse?

Well besides some super club that you can party with thousands at? But then you may not like that atmosphere or find the person that meets you standards or lifestyle.

In the old days many people found what they wanted, some just settled for what they had and some were forced for that what they had done.

These days all that still applies, but because of technology, we don't have to settle for what is "just there". There is so many sites out there that one can join to help find the "one". We no longer have to settle for what is in our backyard, we can look for love hundreds of miles away, even thousands if we so desire to hopefully meet that one that we have been always looking for.

And when we do find them, it is so much easier for us to keep in touch through the miles that keep us apart by the satellites and miles of internet that keep the world a small, small one.