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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Go Outside

You may have seen this ad for the new PS4 touting online play where the two people sing about their Perfect Day spending it with each other.

The way I read into this ad is that it is better to spend your time online than being an active participant in the real world.

This is fine to do if the weather does not permit going outside or you have a physical malady that prevents you from going outside or you are waiting on the cable guy but if none of those things are prevalent, you should enjoy the outside.

I love playing video games. Have my entire life, since Pong was introduced to me at some young age that I can barely even remember, 2? 3?, who knows.  I spent many days of my youth of my high school years and that decade after delving into that addiction either in a solo fashion or with friends in the same room.  When Xbox Live came about, I was on that faster than you can say whatever is said to be on something quickly.  I loved MechAssault, played that sumbitch for hours online, through the lag and dropped connections of that early Live experience.

Though, thinking back now that I'm in my 30s, living life out there among people and experiencing life would have been better time spent.  Would I still played video games, sure but maybe not spend so much time on that could have been better time spent.

Of course I say that knowing that being online was better, easier to me than being around new people.  Hell, even online I was just playing a game, I was never much of a talker during the games, didn't engage with the other players.  I would and still do, avoid small intimate type games of only a few people playing on a team or in a free for all.

Who knows, perhaps if I did stray out into the world meeting new people, engaging with others, I possibly be over shyness that I have with new people and talking to them.

Either way, this just boils down to me and everybody else, if you can go outside, do so.  Don't waste your days making a conscious decision to stay in just to get that next big worthless achievement that only you could possibly care about.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Grilled Update

Here's a little update from my Grilled article back from April, I finally got a Weber.  I received a couple of weeks ago as a gift a Smoky Joe Weber, which is perfect for two people.

It went together easier than the Backyard Grill one that I got in April, partly to it being smaller and being a table top model.

Now using the Smoky Joe for the first time, is like using most any other charcoal grill; add charcoal, light charcoal, wait for the coals to get hot.  Cooking is the same for any other charcoal grill, add meat to grate, cook till desired level of done is achieved, remove and enjoy.


The true beauty of the Weber, as stated back in April, is that you can close the dampers to effectively shut the fire off.  The coals died out in about 30 minutes, the grill was cool to the touch and I was able to move it to back under the carport.