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Monday, January 31, 2011


When I started this site it was gonna be a way for me to make money through ads; well, hopefully was the thinking but I don't have enough traffic for that to happen.  At the time, it was about random reflection or insight I was having, maybe some rants, reviews or some therapeutic post about some drama that I may have been having.  Nowadays, it is some of these type of posts, maybe some reflection or insight but mostly bits of fiction that I have been coming up with.

I of course still have the ads but am just not concerned with me making any money off of this thing or not.  If it happens, it happens; if not, then oh well.

When this all began, I was looking for Freedom.  Freedom from all things I felt shackled to, that is why the picture is of just that, a pair of shackles.  I was hoping to be free from all of those things.  Yet, I am still not.

Recently, I have been pondering was it Freedom that I was seeking?  I mean, money would help with a lot of the getting of this Freedom but would I still then be free?  Then I began to think what would grant me more Freedom and after a while, I think I came to an answer, Happiness.

Now I am looking for Happiness and along with this Happiness, I believe I shall find the Freedom that I have been seeking all along.

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