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Monday, January 17, 2011


I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.  I close my eyes and the light penetrates my eyelids to create an orange glow before my eyes.  The slight breeze brings to me the scent of the grass that I lay upon.  The coolness of the Earth entreats me to sleep and I oblige her request without hesitation.

My dreams haves always been filled with wild visions with monster, faeries, picturesque landscapes and all things in between.  At times they have brought visions of things to come but today, they haunt me with a love that has been lost to me.  She stands before me olive skinned with shimmering emerald eyes that you could easily get lost into for an eternity, a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms or lift the lowest of spirits, hair that was raven colored and ran the length of her back to her waist.  To me, she was perfection and to pardon the pun, an angel from Heaven that God Almighty created with care by his own two hands.

We met through mutual friends and quickly hit it off.  I would tell my lame jokes that usually results in groans or rolls of eyes from anybody else but with her, it would bring that magnificent smile or a laugh with such a melodious ring that you swore a chorus of Angels were singing.  We started dating almost immediately and quickly fell in love.  We felt it was destiny and neither of us felt that it could get any better.

I awake a few hours later with tears streaming down my face.  A sudden chill comes over me and I notice the sun was setting low on the horizon.  What was a warm day, has started to become a cool evening.  I arise, look around to get a feel for my surroundings and to take a moment to stretch before heading home when I get a feeling that I am being watched.  I slowly look around while pretending to continue to stretch to see if anyone is around but see no one.  Thinking it may be some sort of paranoia, I start heading home thinking nothing of it, with the memory of my love keeping me occupied.

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