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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Counting Down

Time erodes slowly by when you are waiting for something fun to come along to steal you away.



Not much time left till June 3-5. 

Not much time at all. 

Only 17 days are left.

I got a camping spot, a tent, a couple of friends and now just waiting.

BTW, waiting SUCKS.

It really does.  I just wish time would fly by so it would be here already and I can go enjoy myself, let loose for a little bit without having to worry about having to get home or having to make sure everyone else gets home fine.

Not too mention this year should be better than last year in the sense of not having to drive back and forth all three days.  Now we didn't drive from BamaJam to home every day, just to my buddy's girlfriends dads place around Poplar Springs, but that was still a 45 minute drive.  Each.  Way.

Unfortunately they are unable to go this year.  Even with tempting them with super cheap tickets and paying for a camper spot out of my own pocket; it was no dice.  They had some excuse about having to save for a wedding, a honeymoon and they just bought a house so they couldn't afford it.


Just kidding.  I do understand their dilemma.  There will be next year.

I think Murphy may even make an appearance...

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