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Sunday, May 9, 2010


I want to be a celebrity.

Not a super-famous, ultra-rich Mel Gibson or Nicholas Cage but a quasi-famous with a loyal following of mindies (pronounced mind-ee-s, sort of like my name, mind-es; NOT mind-ez or meend-ees) to be there to support all of my horrible endeavors into entertainment as well as the massive popular successes.

Of course that means I either need to move to Hollywood to get a chance at stardom to be able to realize this dream; form a band and become wildly popular with crazed half-naked wimmenz throwing themselves at me; become a comedian to have the world laugh at my awesome sense of humor; or be the next Stephen King and write a plethora of books that make me famous.

Really I am hoping this little blog will take off and lead me to the greatness that I am destined for but so far I am still waiting for that ship to pull into the station.

Now what to do with my new found celebrity status, money, power and influence?

Oh, I know, I'll start some fucking feel good non-profit organization to have my fans shell out their hard earned cash to support just because my name and ugly mug happens to be poster boarding.

That seems to be the way that celebrities do things.  Become famous through their trade, make lots of money, spend money on ridiculous amounts of stupid shit and just when their famous-ness starts to fade, start up some organization to help overweight kittens escape possible devouring by malnourished children in Thailand.

Like today I saw an ad for some foundation by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore with their doe-ful eyed faces asking for us to support their cause.

I barely have enough to support my cause of buying beer to get drunk while watching porn on my computer.

Ok.  I just looked up Demi and Ashton's cause...it's to end child sex slavery.  I feel like an ass now.

Just a little.

Not gonna stop me though.

Good luck with that little endeavor of stopping child sex slavery.  I'm sure if you ask real nice like, the richer than you dirty bastards that buy children for sex slavery will just go, "Damn, you are SSSOOOO right.  My bad."

Me personally, when I get rich and popular, I am going to try to keep those sex abused kiddos from eating the overweight kittens with your money.

My money will be used for an on site brewery so I will never have to go to the store ever again to buy beer.




  1. Path to fame, Plan B: blog in the buff and document on film. Now, why didn't I think of that?

  2. I believe there is a lack of people that would want to see that from me...you maybe.


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