Wednesday, May 5, 2010


About a year ago I joined a local gym to get into shape or at least try to bring sexy back.  Though I never knew sexy, so I guess it would be more to find sexy than to be bringing it back.

Now the club I joined was a national franchise of new gyms called Anytime Fitness.  The premise of these gyms was to allow the individual to be able to workout anytime they so desired, hence the anytime in Anytime Fitness. 

Kinda obvious huh?

So I have recently been going on a somewhat regular basis, kinda been watching what I eat (well, I always watch what I eat but more importantly I started to watch how much I eat.) and trying not to eat so much junk food at work.

Now all of this really hasn't accumulated into too much in the way of weight loss by way of scale, but I was asked the other day if I had lost any weight to which I said no, but I was then told that it looks like I had.  That does make me feel much better and I could tell that there was some weight loss since some clothing has been fitting a little looser.

Unfortunately for me, this has come to an abrupt stop just recently since finding out that the gym I was going to, has closed.  The sign on the door said that it was not for a lack of members, but for a lack of those members paying.  Which I can understand, but I believe that the management should have done a better job in stopping those non-paying members from utilizing the facilities as well as recruiting new members and doing more advertising.

There is another Anytime Fitness that I can go to but I am not too keen on driving 15+ miles one way to go workout, then drive back; I'd rather find someplace closer to go to, but I did enjoy the 24 hour aspect of Anytime.


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