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Monday, July 6, 2015


I've run across a ton of trucking videos on YouTube and I thought about starting such videos and chronicling my thoughts and experiences but I realized that many of those videos just ramble on. They don't get to the gist of the title and when some do, it happens to be just a little blurb and that's it. You wasted 25 minutes of your time just waiting for them to talk about the one thing that you clicked on in the title and only spoke a few sentences about it before credits roll.

That is mostly why I don't plan on doing videos, I would be going of on random tangents and not even covering the title of the video. That and my crippling shyness that would prevent me from doing them in the first place. Then the reviewing of them I would consider them silly.

So I plan on sticking to this for the time being.  I can ramble, you can skim through the crap without worrying about missing anything important and that doesn't cover the things that aren't even about trucking because that isn't what this is about entirely.

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