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Monday, June 29, 2015

Been Awhile

Sporadic would be the best way to describe my updates to this little slice of heaven that is mine but aside from the excuse of being busy, it really is a weak excuse.

Yeah, that made no sense at the end but what do you expect from me?

So starting from my last real post; real as being of actual, factual, belonging to my real life and not any fantasy that I may post from time to time, I managed to make it past the three week orientation at Schneider National.  Aside from getting a short medical card, everything went well and I have been on the road solo since getting my new truck on Cinco de Mayo.

For those that don't know, a medical card or DOT card is required for CDL holders. It bascially states that you are in general good health and are not going to stroke out while behind the wheel and go careening into a school bus full of orphans.

Yes, you did read that I got the keys to a brand new truck.  2015 Freighliner Cascadia with an automated transmission....basically its an automatic.   Only had 30 miles when my fat ass plopped in the seat.  Now it has over 16k.

Made it past the month end training as a new driver at the beginning of this month, June.

I have come to the realization that the navigation for the truck should be double checked and quite possibly re-routed via a paper atlas so as not to be going down any goat trails in the middle of nowhere.  The navigation prefers the shortest route as opposed to the fastest which usually means small tight roads that are twisty, hilly, roller coasters of fun.  I mean that very sarcastically except for Mo-B which leads into Meta, MO.  Heading into Meta, B was not much fun but on the way out pulling 41k in the van, it was kinda fun, mostly like a roller coaster.  Climb the hill, coast down the hill, break before the curve, go down a hill, coast down the hill, coast up the hill and back down the other side.  I think I saved .1 mpg on that road.

The being away from home sucks, as my girlfriend reminds nearly nightly, when home, when leaving and when not home when scheduled.

She does support me though and that I appreciate very much so.  She also cooks meals for me to take with me so we can save money while I'm out five days a week, or more days than that.

I'm going to start bringing my laptop out with me so I can hopefully update this blog more often; I know I've said that before  but I'm going to really try it this time.

Ok till next time and all that jazz.

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