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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I remember seeing the OG TMNT back at the Florida Triple with Heather and Jason (neighbors, sister and brother) and we loved it.  So much so that Jason and I could recite word for word the entire movie ad nauseum to the others that have heard it a thousand other times before then.

Fast forward the how many years it was to now...

The Girlfriend and I went to see the new TMNT this past weekend.  She had no interest at all in seeing it but seeing how I had no interest in shutting up about going to see it, she relented and we went.

Now I will say that considering that Michael Bay did Transformers 4 recently, as in a month or so ago, and that it did not meet the expectations that I had set oh so high for it; so, my expectations for the new TMNT was considerably lower.

This TMNT was a little different with the origin story that us old folk have known for all these years but it was only a small change in my opinion.  It was also different in the fact that there weren't people in foam rubber turtle costumes acting but people in caption motion suits doing that acting and the 'turtle' being cgi'd over the actors later.

There was also Meghan Fox playing a remake of the mannequin from Mannequin in mannequin form.  She was confused why she was called O'Neill throughout the shooting but she powered through like the professional that she is.

Overall, I highly recommend the movie if you liked the original TMNT.  Forgive the alterations they did to the origins but relish in the characters of the turtles, the action and the Shredder.

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