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Sunday, August 17, 2014


When I started this site, my intention was for this site to be my way of becoming free financially through adverts or through becoming well enough to have the site as a pay per view type of thing.  Neither idea of which materialized to the point of becoming viable on a monetary stand point. 

I then took the idea of the site towards another imagining for a means for me to use it as a means to be free in my writing, not to shoe horn myself into a particular style or set of commentary.  If I wanted to journal goings on of my life, boom, there it was; if I wanted to wretch about social, economic or other matters of the world, boom; if I wanted to write stories, I do.  Albeit, in recent times, I have neglected this blog for a good bit of times, without nary a word or thought from myself towards it; I would use the excuse of not having the time but the truth was the time was there, I was being lazy.

As for the freedom that the title of this posting garners, I am debt free as of this month.  My place that I've been working at for the past eight years has been sold and in the process, my 401k was termed; I was luckily not termed.  This left me with choices, I could roll it into an IRA, cash out or just keep it going without being able to add more to it and without any company add in either.  After some tough consideration, I decided to cash out, this could be a mistake income tax wise but I was able to pay off some debt and become debt free.  Aside from some monthly subscription bills (cell, dish, insurance, etc., etc.), I am free financially.

This is has taken so much stress off of me not having to decide from one paycheck to the next what to do with the rest of the paycheck after bills are paid; necessities that are needed, vehicle needs, etc.

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