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Monday, August 24, 2009

My Awakening

"Success is on its way to you."

This is from a fortune cookie, who's fortune I decided to place in my wallet to be rediscovered whilst cleaning out said wallet today. Its discovery got me thinking, what success is on its way? Then I realized that whatever it is, I should not become apathetic to its arrival. That I should not sit on my haunches waiting for it to make its grand appearance, I shall take my fortune into my own hands.

This past weekend has only solidified the fact I need to take charge more of my life instead of asking why, when, how or where all the time as to when I will get mine or permission as to what I can do or should.

My name is Matt. (Not really, but go with it.)

I give and give and give and give. I give wholeheartedly to friends, family and to life constantly, only to be given only a fraction of what I gave in return.

I have had an epiphany and a reset on that weekend that has been coming for awhile.

No more.

I am about to become the person I need to be, the person I once was, the person that didn't give a fuck about most anything. A person that didn't have a heart, that did things without thinking, without caring who's feelings were hurt, one that lived for the moment.

No more.


This is an awakening, a new beginning, a rebirth of myself, a new discovery. I am tired of caring of giving with my all, to not receive anything back.

I am done with it. It is time to take care of my own.

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  1. why did you pick the name matt?
    your real name sounds more anonymous. lol

    in any case, fuck yeah go you. being an dick is always more rewarding and easier to pull off.

    dicks, pussies and assholes man. everyone is one of them. good for you for not being a pussy anymore.


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