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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Online Dating

Ok, I will admit that I am on a couple of 'dating sites'.

Yeah, I hear you laughter, fuck off.

Anyways, I am like many a man that walks the Earth, I am attracted to beauty, not necessarily super model types, but the girl next door type. I will click on a profile of a woman that is beautiful for that is what catches my attention first.

The one thing that bothers me after I click on a profile, is if the profile is lame. I mean lame by lack of information or something that looks like it was copy and pasted from some profile template of lameness. The ones that really are special to me, are the ones that have children at a young age and the profile reads like they only have an 8th grade education with the spelling; grammar doesn't bother as much, most people type the way they speak, which I can deal with, bad spelling is difficult.

Is it hard to proof read what you're saying or to use a dictionary, dictionary.com or spell check?

Using all caps is basically yelling on the online world, but several people use it all the time, to me it looks like you have no initiative to check the status of the caps lock on your computer.

All of the above is a bit of turn-off for me. The bad spelling and caps lock usage makes it looks like you have a seemingly low IQ or never paid attention while you were in school for your twelve years but only making it to the eighth grade.

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