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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I posted a few weeks ago about how I was addicted to Instagram after discovering the app for my Razr and have been hooked ever since.  So much so that I am constantly using it to check for new photos posted by those I follow and then check the popular tab for new interesting pics to look at.  Obviously Instagram is on par with Facebook, MySpace (anyone still use that?), Google+ in that it is a haven for all those that want attention from the masses from every little thing that they post on the internet.

Which is fine for them, they are allowed to do what they want with their lives but when should they start to think twice about what they post?  Celebrities can pretty much post whatever and their fans will gobble that shit up and ask for more, never tiring of seeing Justin Beiber's face plastered all over their screens or Snooki's for that matter.  At what point does the care-free postings of a new pair of shoes or pose with a fan slide into posting pics of them rolling a fattie or celebrating some stupid act by some idiot?  

Does anyone even care?  I know I used to but then celebrities that I actually liked came out that they had a different ideology than I about certain things and I decided then, that life was too short to care about what another person believes in seeing as they personally cannot affect me with that thinking.  Sure, they can influence many of their fans into seeing things their way but there is an opposite to their yin that will hold just as much sway with just as many fans that will be just as involved with spreading their views as the first person is.  So now I just don't care if some celebrity is into Obama or another one is into Romney or someone likes chunky salsa or another like guacamole.  I have more important things to do with my time than have a running list of what celebrities I like/dislike based upon their personal beliefs, they just like us have the same freedom to share those feelings as everyone else.

It still won't stop me from looking at the pics.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've always had a fascination with cameras and pictures and with the moments that are frozen when one is used to capture the other.  Before cameras were big, bulky and expensive, then Polaroid came out with the instant camera and further still, as time rolled on, things got cheaper with film photography.  You could buy a cheap little camera and film, take the pictures and have them developed for a decent price back in the 80's.  Then digital came along, without the need to develop your pictures, you could just print them from home; not the same quality but still cheaper in the long run if you were a shutter bug.

I had several 110 cameras, never anything expensive like a 35mm, because those were for the serious minded people, like my Grandfather.  He got into photography for a short time, not sure of anything he really took but I'm sure there were some pictures hanging around somewhere.  I do stress the hanging part as in frames or added to an album and not stuffed into a shoe box placed high on the top shelf of the closet that are of some sort of bondage featuring my Grandmother.

Anyway, I did buy a digital Olympus at one point when I had a functional Jeep and used that camera to catalog rides and such.  The camera was a piece of crap and at some point stopped turning on or failed most times to actually be usable when it did turn on.  So it lays discarded somewhere, most likely with batteries in it, rotting it from the inside out.

Recently, as in a short amount of time before a wedding, I discovered Instagram.  This is a little app for smartphones that you can use to edit pics or to even snap photos, then edit, and then post to any or all social sites that you are apart of.  I took a couple at the end of the wedding and one before I headed that way and posted them to Instagram.  If you care, go to Instagram and search for mindes13, that's me.

So now that I have been looking through some Instagram posted photos and read a blog post about some editing, I can of have a small spark that is starting to light something in me to start taking pics once again.

Or I will be like my Grandfather and start something to only abandon it after a bit.