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Friday, June 8, 2012

Extreme Couponing

There are these shows on now that follow people that are extreme couponers.  These are people that gather coupons en masse to save money on their grocery bill.

Which is something people have down for years, right?

No.  These people take it to the extreme.  Not only do they collect coupons, but look for special coupons that they can add to those coupons to enhance the savings.  0.49 cents off a can of soup...not enough.  They will use so many coupons that 800 dollar grocery bill is only 75 dollars.  This kind of savings takes many coupons, planning and research to pull off such savings.

Which for my lazy ass, is just too time consuming for me to do and I applaud their effort.

The end.

Wait.  I change my mind...I have more.

I have a problem with extreme couponers and that problem is that while being smart in what they are doing, they are also being very wasteful and greedy.  If you watch the shows, the people in the episodes buy large quantities of items to get them for either free or for a ridiculous low cost.  By large quantities I'm not talking about ten or twenty of something but hundreds of an item.  One show a couple bought sixty bottles of hand soap to be able to get them all for something like a 1.00...for sixty.  Or 100 toothbrushes for 0.10 cents or something like that.  Ok, those are all items that are not food you say, but how about 100's of boxes of cereals for 10 bucks or whatever.  On that particular show, the cereal was donated so it didn't go to waste.  But on how many other shows do the food items that are purchased in such large quantities end up having to be wasted?

None of this would bother me if these were large families that would use all of the items that was purchased for themselves or even donate the excess to less fortunate families.  I honestly have not seen this on any sort of regularity on the little bit of shows I have caught.  I do remember one couple that converted the basement of their home as a storage place for items the have purchased.  This is also the same couple that purchased large amounts of hand soap and even showed how much of bathroom items they had purchased so far.  It was enough to last the rest of their lives or for the better part of it.

This type of behavior looks to be on the same level of being a hoarder.  Except for these people, they buy to stockpile for no other reason but to be able to save.

Makes no sense to me.