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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I don't own a Blu-ray player; never saw the need for one but after watching a movie last night (Bad Teacher), the lack of extras got me thinking.

Remember when DVD first came out, it was the replacement of the long standing VHS tape.  A wonder of technology and black magic that would allow movies that were 3+ hours long, (Titanic) that took three tapes to show the entire movie, could now be placed on just one disc that would hold the entire movie plus extras.  Those extras consisted of interviews, deleted scenes, alternate endings and whatever the studio felt to throw on there.

This was mostly done to get the techies over to the new medium and for them to drag everyone else over with them.

Now with Blu-ray, you have even more room to put stuff on the disc.  So when Blu-ray came out, it had all of the aforementioned DVD extras, but Blu-ray offered multiple angles for scenes, true HD, digital 7.1 sound, advanced options during movie playback and 3DTV support.

All of this is wonderful to get people to convert over from DVD to Blu-ray but I wonder if Blu-ray has started doing what DVD has been doing for awhile now? That is not packing the 50 GB of disc space available with all that is possible.

Seems that only certain movies will get the extra attention with DVD releases, others just get shipped with just the movies.  DVD has for the most part become only movies, some extra content but nothing like before.  DVD movies used to have scene selections in them.  Which was great if you had a favorite part of a movie you wanted to go right to without all of other stuff before it without having to forward through it all.  Not any more, very few movies have that option on the menus.

Since I don't own  a Blu-ray player or movies, I wonder how long they will keep up adding all the extra stuff in the discs or if they have abandoned it already?