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Monday, April 11, 2016

Chi Town

Once again I've gone away abandoning this thing like an unwanted toy.

Well, time to find the thrill in this again.

Couple weeks ago I had a delivery going into Chicago, not in the deep downtown but the West side. The company I work for has a yard for another division there that anybody can use. Only problem is that the yard is small and was full that night but I managed to not hit shit putting the truck in a spot.

This really only set up the tone for the next day.

That night I used Google maps to get an idea of where I was going and what the layout was before getting there. This helped but didn't. See, the place I was delivering was marked incorrectly on Google maps and I should have called that morning but didn't, so I setup myself up for potential tragedy.

I ended up going down the wrong street. Which in most places, is no issue but in big cities, can lead to big trouble. My terrible was a low bridge further down the road so I had to backup to be able to swing into a lot to turn around to go back to the alley that I needed to go down originally.

Again, calling ahead would have fixed this in the beginning.

Now the consignee was a different story. There was no place to turn around or so I thought. So while waiting for them to finish loading a straight truck I was looking to see what the best course was going to be and it wasn't looking pretty.

Once the straight truck was gone, the dock workers guided me around to a tight turnaround in front of the dock. I was worried about the cars behind me and snapping a batwing off the truck. Neither happened luckily.

Everything went as usual afterwards and I was very careful going through Chicago on my way out.

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