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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feeling Out

Remember when you first meet someone and there is that connection that is felt enough for the two of you to continue dating to relationship status?  Every time that we meet someone new that we are interested in, we are  always on our best behavior.  We are polite, cordial, use our manners and such but why?  I know best foot forward and all but unless you are trying to change yourself from being what you always are, why change yourself at the beginnings of a relationship just to entice the person over for some tea and crumpets?

Why not just be yourself in the beginning from the beginning?  Most relationships end because the people involved revert back to who they really are once they become comfortable in the relationship.  They then realize the person they are with, is not the person that they were attracted to in the first place and things fall apart.

This is probably one of the main reasons that people cheat.  The person they cheat with is attracted to them because they are probably tired of this 'new' person they have been dating and are letting their real personality out in frustration.  They may not be meaning to cheat but it happens.

I am quite comfortable where I am at in this point.  I am not going to try to re-invent myself for the purpose of keeping someone at my side or attracting someone just so that when I get comfortable, they find themselves dating an asshole that doesn't give a rat's ass.  I'm just gonna be that asshole that doesn't gives a rat's ass from the beginning.

Take me warts and all.

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