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Friday, September 17, 2010


My second home from home has been demolished this week. This was the home of my neighbors growing up, the place where I spent many an afternoon playing with their grand-daughter and grand-son. From playing hide and go seek, to old school Atari or watching afternoon cartoons after school, it was just always there.

I fell out of touch with them during high school as mom and myself moved out of the neighborhood and the grand-children moved back to their mother's to live after the grand-daughter had some trouble.

The grandmother sold the place about 10 years ago after her husband died and she moved off to Tenn. to live with one of her other daughters. The house fell under a rental company, had some renters through the past few years, but guess the place became too old to keep up with. It was an old trailer, about a triple wide in today's standards but as I was told years ago by the grandmother, that it was 'unfolded' when it was moved in. Not sure what that meant, but it did have a long silver line through the floor that I noticed when helping them put in new carpet.

Now it is just buried or slowly being burned off it seems.

It does make you realize how things aren't gonna be there forever, how that no matter how long it has been there, there will be a time when it will no longer be.

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