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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Recently I went to a party that a friend was throwing for the simple fact to throw a party; those are always the best kind. It was also her brothers 18th birthday, so it was sort of included as well.

There was food, music, great friends, some cake, some beer, stories of past funs told, but the whole experience was worth more than the price of admission.

Towards the end of the party as the last few stragglers are being herded towards our vehicles; in but the most of cordial and nicest of ways, I happened to notice something you don't tend to see everyday in one of the hosts face...admiration.

Not towards me by no means; well at that time anyways, everyone admires me to some degree, but towards her father.

As her father was telling his stories of hunting in Alabama, you could not help to but notice the absolute look of admiration upon my friends face towards the man. It was a look of someone entranced by not only the words in his story but the voice that was speaking them, someone that was living those moments with him at that time, even though they were not present then.

This is not a look that you see to often anymore these days. Most people look at each other with contempt, with dis-satisfaction or a loathing that prevents them from enjoying someone elses companionship or to be regaled by the stories that they may tell. I for one do not believe that I have ever looked upon someone with a look of admiration such as my friend has; especially towards my father.

She has a very special connection with her father, one that I can only be jealous of and the love they must surely share with it.

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