Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another PM

Seems like the only time I seem to be able to find time to update this little world is when I am holed up in the hotel while the truck is in the shop for the PM (preventative maintenance).  It's not like I don't have things to say or post, I come up with them when I'm out driving every day but usually don't have that much time in the evening to be able to write them down or to even put them online.  Ten hour breaks are about enough time to eat, shower, catch up with the gf and get some sleep before starting another day.

I typed that a few hours ago; I know you just read that about 3 seconds ago but it was a few hours to me.


I've been lamenting on deleting the whole thing and come up with something original in its stead.  During this process of lament, I'm reading a trucking forum, looking on FB and listening to/watching Moonshiners.

Then it hits me.

The new season of Ink Master premieres tonight.  Hot damn!  Here is something that I want to watch so I go searching for Spike on the tv here.

I'm searching.

Still looking.

Where is it?!


Ok, let's consult the Google to find the channel.  Searching leads me to one channel but I get something else.  That's not it so looking again...Ok found it, punch in the channel and same Prancing Elite show on some fucking channel I give absolute two shitty squirts about.

Ok.  Let's open the channel guide.  It should be channel 78, there's no channel 78.  Fuck.


Who doesn't have Spike?  The Sleep Inn in Stockbridge, Ga that's who.  It could be some sort of bullshit between Comcast and the owners of Spike or the hotel could be really cheap.

I don't know.

Their internet suck too.