Saturday, August 22, 2015


The saying goes that the world moves by truckers and they are powered by coffee.

Or something to that effect.

Since beginning this new adventure I've begun consuming that dark be once again.  I had stopped for a time while I was heavy on the Herbalife but no money prevents that from being heavy, to an occasional type of thing.

Coffee, in and of itself, is an expensive habit when you buy the daily from the truckstop from whence you awoke at from the day before. Go into a regular convenience store and you'll only pay about less than a dollar for a refill.

Truckstops are not that cheap. You are looking at around a buck fifty eight for a refill. If you have that truckstops particular brand of cup, you can pay less but not by much. $1.58 x 30 = $47.40 No thanks, I can do other things with that money.

The plan was to purchase a Stanley press mug to be able to make coffee in the truck but things change.

My girlfriends father found a similar thing at the Goodwill. Instead of being a French press, this drains the coffee from the bottom into another cup. So far there thing works pretty good. I've been getting hot water from the truckstops in the morning with the yeti cup, that my girlfriends father found as well, and put the water into the coffee maker and let it steep. Drain the coffee into the yeti and then put more water into the maker to finish filling the yeti. After the initial filling, I put the rest of the hot water into another cup until I need it in a few minutes.

You only put the scoops of coffee into the maker, which is about three tablespoons. A small can of coffee cost about three bucks and makes 90 6oz cups. I use the same three scoops for both fill ups and there coffee tastes fine to me.

The best part is fresh coffee everyday. No need to worry about if the truckstop has cleaned their equipment lately or if that coffee is older than dirt.