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Thursday, November 1, 2012


It is another election year here in America, with the every other post on the social media sites informing you how important this election is and that if you vote for the wrong candidate, you are part of the problem.  Unfortunately the problem isn't who you vote for, as long as you are voting for the candidate that best meets your criteria as to whom you want to be in the office of the President of the USA.  What this means is you do not have to vote for either of the top two candidates; Obama or Romney, but have many other choices available to you from Libertarian Party, Independent, Justice, Reform, Peace and Freedom, among just a few of the parties aside from just Democratic and Republican.

In this day and age with technology in the palm of your hand to access the internet at all times of the day, it is your civic duty to research the candidates to be better informed in your decision making.  There is no reason to follow blindly with what the news media show you on television with the slant that is added to make the top candidates look better; or worse depending on the network, as the sole means to vote for them.  Basing your vote based on your dislike towards one of the top candidates as the reason to support the other candidate is not the best way to go about this either.

Instead of choosing one of either the Republican or Democratic candidate because of those two parties, one of them is most likely to win, take a look at the other candidates that are running to see which one of those meet your Presidential criteria.  

You have a choice.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oil Rig

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, read this.

Now that everyone is up to speed, read this.

If interested, watch this.

Obama promises not to open up any drilling offshore of the United States during a campaign speech in Jacksonville, Florida.  Then on March 31, 2009 Obama makes a speech ok'ing drilling offshore of the United States.  Then on Earth Day 2010 an oil rig catches fire, explodes and sinks to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, which of course causes all of the residents of the Gulf Coast as well as those that are against drilling in the first place to start voicing their opinion on allowing the U.S. to open up offshore drilling.

Now, I am not a conspiracy nut but this is all too convenient or too much of a convenience and makes it all too easy for the President to backtrack on what he said and to close drilling once again.

Which is total crap.

Yeah, he broke a campaign promise but has there ever been a President that has not?  I think you would be hard pressed not to find one.  Ok, so there was an oil rig that went boom and is now spilling oil into the Gulf, but that happens and everything will be fine.

Problem is, many do not see it as such.  They will vehemently cry foul with anything to do with the possible negative impact of their precious industry of tourism.  Which is a problem seeing as how in the economy that we have, to rely almost totally on something that is dependent on a good economy since if times go lean, the first thing to go is the family vacation to the Gulf.

I know that I would if I was placed in that position with a family.

Now we have oil in the Gulf, a President that will most likely cave to the pressure of closing drilling once again just to make some of the rich in the area able to maintain their level of comfort.

Fucking wonderful.

As far as the conspiracy part, it probably is a coincidence but the government has ways of making those happen.  Especially if someone needs to retract something that they very recently decided to open up.

I'm all for alternative energies but we need to harness what we have now instead of sitting on our haunches waiting for alternative energies to be discovered or made accessible to the general public.  Our entire infrastructure is centered around oil and has been for decades.  It will take decades to convert this way of thinking away from oil and around the new technology.  The thing is most of the new possible known tech out there is just not feasible.  Windmills can only be placed in certain areas and they face opposition just the same as oil rigs but with the argument the windmills are an eyesore; hydro needs a dam which dislocates people; solar doesn't produce enough power with the availability of panels and are only useful in sunny areas and days; nuclear is the best but Chernobyl and Three Mile Island is the rallying cry for those that oppose that. 

So what can be used in place of oil to power America or the world?  In America, nothing is available and someone somewhere will have to invent or discover this new revolutionary source and we will all have to pray that some boob doesn't try to stop it or sue saying they invented it first.