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Thursday, October 28, 2010


A friend posted on facebook earlier this week that after watching Glee, they were now wanting to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show; which got me wanting to watch it as well. Now I've seen RHPS back around my time in high school; either while I was still there or shortly after graduating. When I saw it, me and some friends had rented it from either Blockbuster or Movie Gallery for the evening.

What do you do now if you want to watch a movie that is older than a new release that you just have to watch it now? You can no longer run to the local Blockbuster or Movie Gallery as they have all gone the way of the Dodo. RedBox only carries new releases, as well as the Blockbuster version; Netflix, you'll have to either wait for them to ship it to you or hope and pray that you can stream it live onto your Xbox, Wii, PS3 or computer but only if that movie is available through that venue. You could run to the nearest Wal-mart or any other place that sells movies and hope that they may actually have it for purchase.

There just doesn't seem to be any movie rental stores around anymore that you can rent an older movie for a couple of bucks for a couple of days.

How many times did you and some friends go to the local store to rent a movie, but had no idea at the time what it was that you were looking for? You just based your decision on either the cover art of the box, actors or the synopsis on the back; especially if the movie was one that wasn't all that popular or was a straight to DVD release.

Not to mention the animated films that you could watch without buying or sports related videos that you would never bother buying in the first place?

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