Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flip Flops Part Deux

I committed this gem months ago unto paper with pen, with the sole intention of it making it on here shortly thereafter but I'm lazy and have been busy with things.  The particulars of what those things are of no concern for you so don't think too much on them.

I've been driving a truck now since May, through the bulk of the summer, the heat of the summer and it has been a hot one.  One thing that I have noticed lately, more than lately but mostly, is that other truck drivers sure do love their flip flops and not just for the express purpose of wearing them in the shower to protect their feet from the funk but just to wear.


Why is it so important to wear flip flops all the time?  The only time they should even be approved attire in a business type fashion is if you a) work on the beach b) work in a water park c) clean pools d) professional grape stomper.  See a trend there?

Yet, everyday there goes some driver climbing out of his/her truck, trotting across the parking lot with flip flops on.  I know many companies require closed toe shoes, safety tread, non slip, non skid, safety toe, steel toe shoes but when not at a company facility all bets are off, right?


First you look like a beach bum with your flippy floppies.

Second, you are just putting your personal safety at risk with this choice.  Do you think workmans comp is going to pay for any injury if they find out you weren't wearing the proper footwear?  Do you think Safety is going to laugh it off that you are a dumbass that violated company policy?  Are those that depend on you to make a wage going to be happy?

No.  This is the answer that correctly fits here.

Is it possible if you are injured to be able to collect workmans comp?  Yes.  Do you really think that money will be able to offset what you could be making if you just wore the proper footwear in the first place?  I highly doubt that.

Just wear some closed toe shoes when you step out of the truck and trot across a wet rain soaked parking lot.  You'll have a much lesser chance of losing a shoe and busting your ass while ending up on "trucker busts ass in love's parking lot" video on YouTube.