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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I watched Inception the other day.

That might be a surprise to some seeing how I mentioned if given the chance, I would punch DiCaprio in the neck and that I have no love for him at all.  Reason is, it seems that he always plays the smarmy, cocky, self-absorbed types in most of his movies.  The type of guy that you might consider a friend, but try your best not to have him around all too much, simply because you cannot stand him.

So anywhoo.

I liked Inception, even through my hatred for one person, I liked it.  The idea that you can enter into someone's mind through there dreams, is an interesting idea and that while you are there, can steal information from them, is even better.

In the movie, DiCaprio's character has to enter into the mind of a newly appointed owner of a power conglomerate and plant an idea for him to break apart the company.  For them to do this, they have to go three levels deep, which means they have to go within a dream, within a dream, within a dream to be able to plant the seed of the idea.

Does it work?  

The ending doesn't give you a clear answer.  You see, during them dreaming, one of the characters is shot and wounded in the first dream, they take him deeper into the next two dreams, which is all good, except he dies in the first dream, killing him in the other two.  Normally you would just wake up, but because of the drugs they are using, you just go deeper into your dreams.

Why does all of that matter?

Well, the character in question is going to be responsible in helping DiCaprio be able to legally go back home to the States, since he is wanted for the death of his wife.  So, without this guy out of the dream state, all of this is for naught and DiCaprio's character goes deeper to find the guy and bring him back.

So they all get out and DiCaprio's character gets to see his children once again and live happily ever after and go see Shrek 15

Not so fast.  The last parting scene is DiCaprio's character walking out to see his kids after spinning a toy top on a table and the movie ends before seeing if the top stops.


I'm not gonna give the complete movie away.  I'm not that big of an asshole.

So anyways, good movie, go see it.