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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years

The last doo wah diddy that I posted seemed incomplete and lacking in the juicy (Jesus? I’m not Jesus, I’m Juicy) freshness that I commit to you my two fans on a weekly (or should that be weakly?) basis.

Let’s dive into this pie like a nympho on their last meal.

So it is a new year. 2010 has finally burst its way unto the scene like the awesomeness that it should and promising so many good things for the next 365 ¼ days, so let’s recap my night.

Trust me, it will be lacking many details to protect the innocent and to keep me in good graces with them.

Hung out with the greatest people that I know last night. There was drunken debauchery, coming out of the closets and things that were said in, let’s say in a rather frank and open manner that quite surprised me. Oh, there was also me being fondled by women, but I liked that very much so.

Now during the night, I was texting people; now before you go off thinking that they were drunk texts, I will assure you, they were not. Two of three people that I was texting did not have the best of nights, either being stuck home or at some uber lame party half way across the known universe to which to both of them I wish I had known earlier of these events for they could have had the absolute time of their lives.

Well, the most absolute time that is permissible by most laws of the land anyways.

All that brought me to a revelation about myself, that I enjoy the company of people, especially fun people. When I am out and about, I like to have as many other people with me or in the group that I am with so that everyone can share in the frivolity. Not saying that I am some sort of awesome time or anything, but I really don’t like to hear about friends that would have liked to have gone but were otherwise unable to go or didn’t know about it and ended up missing out.

Next time people, let me know ahead of time. Don't worry about having to invite yourself; sometimes I am as dense as a brick and about as thick as one as well, if you are not welcome you would know long before then or if I don't like you and that is very few people that are on that list. Trust me.

I think that is all I have for now so I will leave you with a couple of thoughts for now.

When things are said in a very inebriated state, do they apply or hold weight in the next day sober world?

I can still smell your girlfriend on me, I don’t think I will shower today because I like it so much.