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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My heart beats hard, slow, heavy in my chest as she approaches, slowly, gently towards me.  Walking upon bare feet, she crosses the distance between us with an ease and grace that is not seen these days.  A warm breathe and cool lips touch my cheek as I close my eyes in anticipation of her tenderness.  Using both of her hands, she grasps the sides of my face and pulls my lips towards hers where the electricity of her touch erupts in my head sending a bolt through my body and deep into my soul.  I wrap my arms around her, pulling her closer to me, feel the warmth from her body, smell the sweetness of her skin, and the softness of her womanhood beneath her summer dress.

That same summer dress that she easily slides out of as a butterfly slips out of its cocoon.  As she stands in front of me, I run my hands through her hair, caressing it and taking in the sweet smell of lavender from the soap that it had been washed in.  Gliding my fingertips across her skin, letting the sparks of electricity from our touches light off fireworks within our heads, I stop to gently squeeze her buttocks and release a slight moan of approval from her wonderful heaving chest.  She steps back slightly, looks me in the eyes with a wanton desire and quietly begins to unbutton my shirt.  Pushing the shirt off of my shoulders she begins to rub her hands across my chest and lean in to gingerly kiss my chest and play with my nipples to much of my delight.

She works her way down further, causing my heart to beat harder and much more faster in my chest...so hard and fast, I can hear the thumping in my ears; it is so loud, it drowns out all other noise and thought in my head.  She stands up, crashes into me with a passionate kiss that heats the room up to where a glisten forms on our skin as if we had stepped out of the shower or a summer rain.  She stops long enough for me to feel the cool air that has now been able to touch where her fiery skin had just been pressed into mine.  She grabs me by the hand and leads me off into the bedroom.

Closing the door behind us once we enter.