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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BamaJam: Part Uno

If you have been reading my little dot on the www, then you've read this; which was a post about me counting down waiting for BamaJam to get here.

Well it did, I went and it was a freaking blast.

Now if you are not aware of what BamaJam is, let me tell you; it is a redneck Woodstock. Just to over simplify it for you. Truth of the matter, it is the best time one can have with over 100,000 of your closest friends...in a field.

Like last year, BamaJam had one main stage, that was mostly country acts and mostly bigger country acts at that; a secondary stage, that was some lesser or up and coming country acts or some acts that were more alternative; two smaller stages that were more local acts that you probably didn't care about anyways.

First day there I went up solo but was quickly invited to hangout with some local bamas and some Navy guys from Pensacola. After awhile some more people showed up to the group and after a bit more, we were invited to some flip cup by some more locals.

I'll tell you what, that was a close game of flip cup. My side nearly won with Navy and a Coastie on my side. Almost beating the locals...almost.

First night, stayed at second stage or stage B as it was listed to catch last bit of Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Robert Earl Keen, Marty Stuart and His Super Superlatives, and the Zach Brown Band.

During watching the bands, which were all quite good; I decided to start drinking. Now since I got there; besides playing flip cup, I had not had an alcoholic drink, so I got a beer. Then two. Then decided I wanted to eat so I walked back to camp made a sandwhich...then cracked open a bottle, taking a shot. Then drinking half a coke and topping with some rye whiskey and proceeded to walk back to the concerts.

Once back, I continued drinking, wandering around, drinking and then decided that I like free shit.

Now free shit is great. Everybody loves free, even if you have no use for it, you are most likely going to take it since it is...free.

There was a Camel Experience there. Which translates to free tobacco. I don't use tobacco in anyway shape or form but...I like...free.

I got kicked out of the Camel Experience.


Murphy...my alter drinking ego was taking control.

Now, if you have not been around me or shall I say when Murphy is in control...I talk...a lot. Some will say that I am funny or annoying but still entertaining. Problem with Murphy, is he says things that shouldn't be said. Like the fact that I do not use tobacco. Which means that even later when you say you were joking, doesn't count with the Camel people.

They asked me to leave.

The rest of the night was me wandering around, drinking and watching the rest of the bands till I got bored and went back to camp to bed.

That's it.

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