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Saturday, January 30, 2010


For Christmas last year I bought my mom one of those electronic cigarettes, not to get her to quit, but as a less dangerous way for her to get her nicotine without all of the carcinogens that seems to be in regular cigarettes. Now it did work for awhile till she claims that it stopped working, either not getting enough vapor or that one of the batteries was not holding a charge. I tell her to take it back since a friend of mine had a problem, she took it back and the faulty component was replaced for free, so my mom does. Everything has worked fine up till recently when the same problems were addressed, I told her the same thing, but she didn't have time.

Then she bought another e-cig to replace the one I got her.

I was not happy.

So I decided to take back the one I bought her; not back as in to the place of purchase, but back as in my possession.

And I became curious.

Now aside from a handful of times of partaking on a cigarette or a cigar here or there; mostly while under the extreme affects of alcohol and being told it would make me feel better, I have not smoked nor have had the inclination to smoke.

Cancer kinda scares me.

So I decide to try this thing out. Let me tell you this, as a non-smoker, the intensity of the vapor for me was a lung hacking up moment. Like lungs being expelled in a turn-them-inside-out and then-hanging-out-from-ones-mouth type of cough. But I didn't feel any different. No loopy happiness, no craving for more, nothing at all. I was disappointed to say the least.

So I hit it again. Still nothing that would tell me to want more or need more like the anti-smoking ads tell you on tv.

Then I do some research which leads me to reading that nicotine is very dangerous, it can be absorbed through the skin, is water soluble and can kill you if you overdose on it. The effects are appetite suppression, alertness and sharper vision. Which two of the three I did feel, appetite suppression was not one of them.

Now the thing has quite on me and I want a puff.

Now, if you do not know about e-cigs, they are a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. You don't get all the carcinogens like from cigarettes, snuf, dip or cigars, just nicotine.

The device that I have is made by NJoy and is the NCig. It consists of three parts, the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. The battery has an LED light on the end that lights up when you draw on the tip. It also has inside besides the battery, a chip or circuitry that prevents you from drawing in too much in a short period of time. The atomizer is what heats up and causes the liquid to vaporize which is what you inhale. The tip is what contains the fibers that hold the liquid and is what you suck on to draw in the vapor.

The tips come in different flavors and strengths ranging from no flavor, no nicotine; to apple, strawberry, vanilla, menthol or tobacco flavors and strength from ultra light to full strength.

All fine and great for those that want variety; it is the spice of life after all, but does you no good when the fucking device DOES NOT work.

So I take it back today. Seems the vaporizer was no good and I get a new one. So now it works, sort of. Not no where near the amount of vapor that there was initially, but it is ok I guess.

I need a more professional opinion on this thing.


  1. i don't get it. so this thing gives you the nicotine w/out giving you the cancer side effects? at any rate, i've never been a fan of letting something control my life. but that's just me.

  2. Correct. It is more just a nicotine delivery device for a more better term if you think about it.

    As far as the 'control my life', it isn't. It is more out of boredom and curiousity that I use it. Usually while I sit at my computer writing this or stalking people on Facebook or reading a magazine.


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