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Thursday, January 21, 2010


What is for rent? This space.

I am struggling a little this week on coming up with something entertaining for your enjoyment this week. I have a bit done up about a dream I had last week, but I'm not quite prepared to post that just yet; that is if I even do.

Getting a nice sum back from everyone's favorite Uncle this year and have prepared to sink all of it into getting this 4,000 lb lawn ornament moving under its own power THIS year. Shouldn't take too much, just ALOT of stinking work and hunting down the last few parts that I am going to be needing. Not to mention the single fact that I am missing some very critical pieces of equipment that I will be needing to use to fulfill this endeavor.

Hopefully I can convince some people here locally that are into fabricating to be able to help me in this little venture with reimbursements of parts, money and/or beer. All the while doing the work at their place since the dry land that was known as my yard, has now come to be a swamp once more with all the rain that was received last night and this morning.

I really miss that girl. Want to be back in her once more. This time with a 3.9L Cummins diesel clacking under the hood.


Hopefully I will have something strike me better next week or in the next few days to write about on here as opposed to reading about what I would like to do to my junk.


  1. batting my eyelashes & flashing a pretty smile always worked for me to get guys to do stuff to my cj. not so sure it will work for you since you don't have boobs, lol. good luck getting it back together!

  2. I do know a stripper, so I wonder if I could use her services to get things done.


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