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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ups and downs like a meth-head tweeker, this is another installment of the non-critically acclaimed ramblings of me.

Hope Doug isn't shit out of luck.

Not a lot going on this week; especially with me, since I am on vacation. Yeah, it does suck to be you, trapped behind that desk, looking longingly at the outside, wishing you could be the one frolicking in the sun, but it's not you, it's me.

Be jealous.

Not only am I on vacation, I have a little headache, listening to last.fm on the xbox, looking forward to a date with your girlfriend; so when she doesn't answer later tonight, she be with me and just wasting time at this point whilst trying to come up with something worthwhile to place in this spot.

Well, let's get this dog and pony show on the road.

Went camping on the 2nd of this illustrious new year in 28 degree weather.

Crazy? Yes, but no crazies were in attendance; 'cept for crazy ole me.

It was a great time, food, drink, hoochies, fire, memories, a full moon, the Honky Tonk and the bestest people that one could ever hope to be around.

What more could one wish for?

Oh yeah, more warmth. Did I mention it was 28 degrees that night? Well it was and fire and alcohol only goes so far as to keep you warm. Next time, warmer clothes; at least more layers, more wood to have for the wee morning hours that a few of us continued to stay up till.

Of course, I wouldn't trade that evening for anything in the world.

Except more hoochies.

Till sometime in the near or distant future.

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