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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Another year is almost to the end and this lazy, brain-fart of a blog is almost a year old. With only 20 posts under its waif waist; albeit it should be more like 52 or more, but I'm fat and lazy...so sue me, I've decided to make a resolution.

I'm not going to call it a New Year's resolution as it is not quite the New Year and most resolutions that are started about that time are sure to fail, I want this one to strive on.

I resolve to start updating this drivel at least once a week.

That's right, once a week. You can come here to read the spewage that comes from my ever naughty and malevolent mind once a week.

I know, already you have a bad taste in your mouth and are quickly looking for the bookmark so as you can delete this to never look again.

But you won't, you love me too much.

That is really the skinny for this entire post, to just announce my bad intentions on updating more regularly than I have been. Not sure what I will really be posting in such time since most of my posts are either filled with some bullshit drama in my life; so totally interesting I know, or some sort of truth that I have recently stumbled upon or just a string of incoherence mingled with bad grammar, spelling and run on sentences that would drive my high school English honors teacher, Mrs. Harrell, into fits.

Maybe I should befriend her on Facebook and point her in this direction or perhaps not.

Though, I will implore you my fan(s) to help me on this task and to give me feedback or ideas in the times that I am running late or am needing to sober up enough to remember how to use a computer. Okay?

Till sometime next week I guess.

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  1. you'll be surprised at what you can find to talk about. happy posting!


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