Wednesday, December 16, 2015

PM Time

Time for a PM (preventive maintenance) on the truck tonight so that means I'm shacked up in the local hotel the company uses.  This also means that I could do an update to this thing, dust it off while I'm at it.

Driving has been going well.  My girlfriend is supportive which is a huge help.  She helps prepare meals for me while on the road so I don't have to eat out every night and can be relatively healthy while at it.

This PM is adding back to us drivers, is manual mode for hill descents. The company completely disabled this function and locked the transmission in Econ mode auto for fuel savings.  This is understandable but on steep descents or even on turns, I just didn't feel real safe when the truck would shift into higher gears before going into turns and then I would have to slow down before safely executing the turn.  On hills, if you start down on cruise, the truck would go up to 65 mph and then apply the engine brake to stop the truck from excessively gaining speed but sometimes the grade and the weight you are hauling just would be too much and you would need to apply some brakes to keep the truck at a safe speed.  The issue with that, is that once you hit the brakes, is that it disables the cruise and the auto engine brake so if you don't pay attention and get off the brakes, the truck will not try to slow itself down since the cruise and auto engine brake is disabled.

This will be much safer to me, in my honest opinion.