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Monday, July 7, 2014

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

The Girlfriend and I went to see the newest Transformers movie on Sunday, I am hopeful and she is being a negative Nancy towards the movie.  I am hopeful in regards that Shia LeBouef is not in this one and I had, erroneously, read that Michael Bay did not direct this one.  Girlfriend just is not into Transformers so her level of expectation is ridiculously high.

But aside from that, let's jump into this.

Oh, yeah, spoilers and such may be below.

T4 starts several years after Dark Side of the Moon, Chicago has been rebuilt and all Transformers are being hunted down, Decepticon and Autobot alike.

The movie follows the same form as the other three; introduce humans, introduce Transformers, insert conflict, love interest of someone mixed in, Autobots die, Decepticons die, destruction, resolution of conflict, roll credits.

The Dinobots that we know and love are not there, but something that is a metalheads wet dream is so I will accept them as such.  Galvatron shows up and true to canon, he is a resurrected Megatron.  Also, Galvatron is not under his own control at first, sort of; like canon.

Optimus Prime is being hunted down by another Transformer that seems to be neither Autobot or Decepticon.  His goal is to clean up the mess that the Autobot/Decepticon war has caused throughout the universes.  The Creators have wanted this.

Honestly, Creators?

Anyways.  So, the humans are in cahoots with this Bountybot to be able to get Seed; which is a terraforming bomb that turns organic matter into metal.  This was all orchestrated by Megatro...Galvatron somehow so that means there is a huge battle between all three for the seed.  I should say all five if you add in the Dinobots but they are fighting with Autobots, so let's go three.

I will say this, I am done with Transformers movies in the theater.  I will wait for the next to go to RedBox before watching it.

I am slightly interested in TMNT remake but Michael Bay has his name on it so I am reluctant.  Even though the theater preview did look much better than the previous one but I think I will hear what others say before plopping my bucks down on that one.