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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There again the scratching starts once more.  Continuously it goes unrelenting, never ceasing.  Three nights since it has started and for those three nights it has not ceased.  The first night I checked the door for the source of the noise to find nothing.  No marks, no signs of anything being there but after ending my search and after returning to what I was doing, it would begin again.  I check each time it starts, with each time finding nothing there.  I try to look beneath the door during the scratching to see what it could be but unable to see anything or the scratching would cease once I started to look momentarily.  I was thinking someone could be playing a joke on me so I check outside to see if anybody approach.  Look through all the possible windows to hopefully spot someone approaching, only to spot no one.  Several times I would stand at the door waiting for it to start, to be able to fling the door open to catch whatever could be there scratching.  Every time I would fling the door open, I would find nothing there.  Nothing.  Nobody running away, no animal scurrying off.  Nothing.  Yet it would begin again and again.  Continuing throughout the night, keeping me awake throughout the night.

The second night, more of the same.  I tried to ignore it at first, just go to bed and put it out of my mind but to no avail.  I would lie there focusing on the sound, focusing on it till I would continue to hear it even when it would stop.  I try to block out the sound with cotton in my ears, my hands, pillows, anything that could work but nothing did, the sound would just continue and just get louder.  It felt that it would get so loud that I could feel the sound as if something was lying on top of me scratching my skin.  As if the claws were digging into my skin at times.

The third night as I was sitting reading in my chair, trying to relax before bed, the scratching started once more.  It seemed more persistent, more determined to get in this night than the past two nights.  It sounded that it was much larger than the other nights with louder, deeper scratching.  I yelled at it to go away.  Banged on the door to make it go away, for it to stop.  It only persisted without relenting.  Not even my yelling or banging brought me any reprieve, I was forced to endure.  What could it be that would persist as such? I began to ponder.  Only a beast from Hell I surmised, trying to drive me to madness so it could then enter to drag me back to the Hell from which it came.

I began to imagine Hell. The demons with their horns, forked tongues and sharp teeth, all ready to torment any soul for the rest of eternity.  The fire and brimstone burning with an unimaginable heat that the flesh would catch afire but not be consumed by it.  There would be no reprieve from the flame, it would continue to burn with a thousand suns.  Hearing the weeps and wails from all the other tortured souls that would be there filling my head with their pain laden cries.  The demons evil laughter and joyous cackles with the pain they unleash upon all the souls, helping to add to the cacophony of pain and sorrow from the tormented.

I began to weep as I imagine this horror.

I yell at the door, kick at it to scare away the Hell hound that is there.  It does not work. I grab my Bible and begin to pray, evoking the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Angels and all manners of Saints to bring me salvation from this monster that besieges me, yet it continues.  I retreat back to the farthest corner away from the door that I can.  I pull myself in as tight as I can, covering my ears to block out as much of that wretched noise that I possibly can.  The tears stream from my face from the desperation that I feel.  Once more I plead for it to end.

I awaken lying on my floor, light streaming from the windows emanating from the morning sun.  The scratching has ceased now that day has broken.  I am safe for now.  What about tonight?  Will it come back again? Will it succeed with its mission tonight?

I cannot endure another night of this.

Someone please help me.

I plead for rescue from this.